Traditional Muslim Wedding

Traditional Muslim Wedding

We all know, that every woman is beautiful.

As photographer for prewedding and wedding photoshoot, I always excited meet the client who wearing hijab.
Yes, beauty is more than the eyes, their beauty exactly seen behind their hijab. Their hijab is their crown, the perfect and forever crown, not to protect but this is about how they are honor their self with covered aorat.

I live in indonesia. Where the wedding not just a party, more than that. The wedding is about tradition too, people married not just them and their couple, but with big family too will be united, and every region have their own tradition. Although now bride like wearing bridal gown for their wedding party, but the kebaya and traditional things always still held in wedding ceremony. This is for respect forbear and tradition.
As we know that the traditional muslim wedding is be royal wedding too, one of royal wedding is javanese wedding ceremony.

And this is it.. The Traditional Muslim Wedding :

Traditional Muslim Wedding
Javanese Traditional Muslim Wedding

The decoration is really fantastic.. There are million of flowers, so we can smell the flowers scent.
So romantic and so majestic..

What most love about the muslim wedding is when they are on akad nikah. Mostly with white concept.
Look so clean, warm, simply, calm and bright.
As like this :

Traditional Muslim Wedding

So many muslim wedding party ideas for your special moment.
And for pre wedding photo session you have can show the beauty of hijab too..
Here it is :

Muslim Wedding
Muslim Wedding

And one day i meet my friend at junior high school, she is already beautiful in her hijab from first day i meet her 10 years ago. When i meet her, she more beautiful. And i offer her for make private photoshoot wearing bridal gown with hijab. I do makeup and photo for her, subhanallah. She are really beautiful. Do you want to see her ? Here it is, her name Zahra

I really hope my dear friend soon be bride hihi *amiin
And for my dear muslim wedding client, i really hope they are always happily ever after and Allah always be with you all..
For me, being part of special moment of someone is really amazing feeling.. And thanks Allah, i feel blessed

With Love,

Yasinta Astuti

18 thoughts on “Traditional Muslim Wedding

  1. Yasinta, I am proud of you. showing off with your English article. Don’t worry about “pabalatak” as long as people are able to catch your idea while reading your article. Of course, here and there will be found slight mistakes, but it’s okay, you English flows like a river valley…LOL. Keeping your enthusiasim as always.

    1. ahahhaa aduuuh aku maluu.. Bahasa inggris emang mesti diasah ya biar ga flow like river valley ahahaha
      makasih mbak sudah mampir

  2. Sekarang mah gaun pengantin muslimah sudah banyak modelnya. Jaman saya nikah masih seadanya banget yang penting kepala pakai jilbab.
    Semoga menang Mba.

    1. Iya mbak betul.. Sekarang makin maju mode untuk jilbab ga monoton lagi hehe
      amin amin, ayo mbak ikutan juga yuk

  3. Ahh..keceh n keren potonyah..
    Cantik2 pengantinnya, sukaa yang poto ke 3.

    Mendoakan Zahra biar naik pelaminan, dan aku jadi pager Layu nya :v

    Sukses ya Yasinta!

    1. AMin amin.. kIta rame-rame mengajukan jadi pager layu yah ihihii
      makasih teh nchieee :*
      Doa yang sama buat teh nchie

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